Self Storage West Westport Co Mayo Ireland

Self Storage is defined as the direct storage by individuals and companies of goods in their own exclusively occupied, self-contained, secured rooms/spaces, which form the major or primary use within a larger building or complex.

Inside facilitySelf storage centres are user-friendly facilities, often sited along major roads close to densely populated areas, retail parks and light industrial estates. For the business client, self storage is an alternative to owning or leasing expensive space. For the individual customer self storage frees up space at home.

You can rent your own lockable secure room of practically any size for as short or long a period as you require. You are the only person to hold the key and you can come and go as often as you like during normal working hours. Some companies and centres also offer 24 hour access seven days a week. Your rights and goods are protected via a straightforward licence agreement that is provided by the self storage operator. You must, however, insure your goods.

A critical feature of any self storage centre is the level and type of security measures employed, both as Warehouseregards the safety of customers visiting facilities and of stored goods. Operators rely on different systems to ensure that only customers have access to their belongings; control by staff, PIN codes, swipe card entry systems, remote alarms, closed circuit television etc.